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PAM Dental - Monthly Membership Fee
PAM Dental Monthly Member
Price: $200.00
PAM Dental - Annual Member Fee (If not Month-to-Month)
PAM Dental Annual Fee
Price: $2,400.00
PAM Dental - Initial Set-Up Fee
PAM Dental - Set Up
Price: $500.00
PAM Dental - Weekly Pre-Paid Credits
PAM Dental - Pre-Pay
Price: $1,600.00
PAM Dental - Monthly Pre-Paid Credits
PAM Dental Pre-Pay
Price: $6,400.00
PAM Dental "SEO Optimizer Package" Monthly Fee
Price: $499.00
Seraph Management Consulting - Basic Phone Consulting (Monthly Retainer)
Price: $3,800.00
Seraph Management Consulting - On-Site/Phone Consulting - Monthly (Prices may vary)
Amount of days "In Office" will be determined by our practice assessment team but typically run 1-2 days a week with the rest of time being reserved for phone/skype discussions.
Price: $11,500.00
Seraph Management Consulting - 1-Day Consultation (4-6 hrs) On-site or by phone
1 day consulting is usually 2-4 hrs with 2 hrs on a phone conference either the same day or at a later date and time to discuss findings.
Price: $1,287.00
Seraph Management "IT" Service - Virtual/Help Desk Services with a seasoned Dental IT Professional ($50 hr) 2 hr min.
IT Services
Price: $100.00
Geovec Technologies - Initial Phone Consultation
IT Services
Price: $1.00
Seraph Management Consulting - Hourly Phone Support Fee
Phone support via skype or mobile 7 days a week (Per hr)
Price: $65.00
SEPP Payment
Seraph Extended Payment Program (In-House Financing)
Price: $300.00
Seraph Management Consulting
Coach and Counseling consists of 1 day on site reviewing staff (2-4 hrs on-site) at their busiest time with an outline assessment emailed to the practice owner/manager and a 1 hr phone discussion.
Price: $5,100.00