Our goal is to help dental teams become more successful in their respected profession. We create a balance of work and play for teams to achieve their practice and personal dreams. Through the integration of our strategic programs, we help doctors effectively understand and manage these forces to ensure patients remain top priority.
SMI enjoys and takes pride in being accessible to portfolio practices when they need assistance, which is why you will find our directors answering the phone at unusual hours rather than waiting until the next business day to pick up messages.
Just like you provide excellent care to your patients, we too provide excellent care to our clients.
Our focus is your success so your
   focus can be dentistry!!!
Why SMI?
From the day we step foot in your office, SMI is at your side to lead the way and guide you to a brighter future. SMI will be able to spot the extras that could mean an increase of thousands of dollars in revenue.
In our experience, 90%  of dental offices  problems arise in the front desk. With our complimentary evaluation, we would only take 1-2 hrs. of your offices time and focus on your daily business' operations including, checking patient sch., case acceptance at the time, collections, patient processing and customer service.
Ultimately, we want you to concentrate more on quality patient services instead of worrying about if you’ll meet next week’s payroll. 
What sets Seraph Management International apart from all others - Veracity, Integrity and Endurance! We strive to operate along side our portfolio companies as if we founded the practices ourselves. In this approach we are able to tailor our programs and services to meet the financial needs of the practice.
          SIMPLY PUT: Communication equals success and success equals happy patients.
We strive to work as a single unit who is at the service of both the Doctor and the patient. This allows our portfolio companies to have not only more knowledge but an entire team of dedicated dental directors at a fraction of the cost.


                                    Tired of Hassling with Executive Level Management Issues? 
Under this program, SMI will be fully responsible for every operation of your practice to include but not limited to: 
¨ Payroll services and employment processing¨ Budget planning & maintenance¨ Full service accounting/ Bookkeeping and Banking¨ Practice evaluation and development of strategic improvement plans¨ Accounts receivable/payable¨ Employee incentive programs¨ Enjoy reduced laboratory fees with SMI’s laboratory alliance¨ External/internal marketing¨ Monthly employee assessments¨ Access to board of directors (available exclusively for Executive Members).¨ Implementation of customized inner-office staff training programs at NO additional charge 
Under this program, SMI will develop all business operations from the ground to grand opening 
¨ Prepare legal documents¨ Hiring / training of staff¨ Due-diligence¨ Budgeting¨ Lease Agreements¨ Banking/Payroll services¨ Provider enrollment¨ Marketing¨ Office development¨ IT/ Technology Integration 
¨ Take the existing practice and strategically implement the new doctors policies.¨ Phase out of existing doctor¨ Training of staff to work with new doctor/owner.¨ Train doctor on our policies¨ Existing practitioner timeline of exit.

For more information feel free to contact us.